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Cosmo & Body-Wrap Detox

Treatment: £130 / 1:30hrs (15% discount for block of 6 bookings)


There are numerous reasons why people may have difficulties managing their weight. Being overweight or underweight can have many causes, such as inadequate diet, lack of exercise, some illnesses, psychological problems, hormonal problems, etc. Whatever the cause, the chemical functions of the body are involved in weight management and when there are problems the essential functions are out of balance.


By using facial and foot reflexology it may be possible to rebalance one’s body weight. There are 564 nerve points distributed across the face. These points have a connection with organs, glands, muscles or chemical processes throughout the body and can be combined to help alleviate various dysfunctions, including weight issues.


This Cosmo & Body Detox treatment consists of facia and foot reflexology  combined with a body wrap that contains pure and natural essential oils of lemon, orange, sandalwood, tsuga, geranium, frankincense, rosehip and coconut oil. When these essential oils are absorbed they enhance the function of the lymphatic and the hormonal system. The detox wrap is also very beneficial for people suffering from cellulite.

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