Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™

Treatment: £80 / 1:15-1:30hrs (15% discount for block of 6 bookings)

Reflexology is a non-invasive ancient therapy based on the principle that each part of the body is represented in the face, feet and hands. By stimulating key points, the energy within the whole body can be positively rebalanced.


Based on 11 facial maps of the body originating from the Far East and South America the Sorensensistem™ treatment combines acupressure and deep reflexology massage techniques with the study of modern neurology and the central nervous system.  


This unique complementary treatment was developed by Danish reflexologist Lone Sorensen over the past 30 years.

Cumulative sessions may alleviate the following symptoms:

- Headaches

- Sinus problems

- Digestive complications

- Back discomforts

- Menopause

- Hormonal problems

- Bad circulation

- General body aches and pains

- Stressful life styles

- Poor sleep

- Fatigue and many other symptom


This lady was treated for extreme stress. Pic 2 shows her after 1 short treatment only: Muscle relaxation visible around the eyes and forehead. Lips are looking visibly fuller and relaxed. A general sense of emotional release was communicated.

Although Facial reflexology is not initially a cosmetic treatment it may also contribute towards a healthy looking and radiant complexion.

But Facial Reflexology CAN DO MUCH MORE.....

Following pics: An example of the power of Facial Reflexology - also known as Facial Reflex Therapy Sorensensistem™.

Facial evolution as treatments progress. This woman had a brain tumour; during surgery the facial nerve was cut on one side. 17 Sorensensistem™ treatments conducted over a period of 10 months.

   After 1st treatment 

 After 3rd treatment  

After 17th treatment-10 months