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Shermine Boustany Reflexology

Hosted by Shermine Boustany, Expert Reflexologist & Holistic Wellbeing Practitioner

You may be feeling hopeless after many failed attempts at healing through other modalities. Luckily, you've come to the right place.
My mission is to revive your hope and confidence that relief and relaxation are possible.  With a commitment from you, we can transform your reality to help you recuperate, realign, and restore your best self.

I make the trip from Brighton just for my sessions with  Shermine — once you experience her magic you don’t want to give her up!



What can reflexology help me with?

BEFORE 1.tiff


"Post session, I feel like my face had a full work out. The whole face is lifted, the skin is glowing and people notice! Plus I feel so relaxed I need another nap! What more can I say?"

~ DG

AFTER 1.tiff


"I describe Shermine to my friends as ‘magical’. Not only is the actual treatment effective but the experience of having the treatment is deeply relaxing and the only time my busy brain really seems to switch off."

~ JT


I want to elevate my wellbeing,
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