MindBody Balance Programme


An integrative wellness maintenance programme for all 

The MindBody Balance Programme has been designed to provide a 360 degree approach to enhance and maintain your wellbeing - a physical, mental and emotional ‘MOT.’


Combining a mixture of pioneering complementary therapies and lifestyle support (including yoga, nutrition and High Intensity Training), we will help you get back on track using an integrative personalised programme tailored to your individual needs.


The MindBody Balance Programme can be commissioned for clients at any age.  It can work in a complementary manner alongside medical treatments.

The treatments

1 session, 2 therapists, treatment range:


  • ReflexoReiki - either facial and/or foot Reflexology combined with Reiki  (75mins)

  • 4-Hand Reiki (60mins)

1 session, 1 therapist, treatment range:


  • Facial Reflexology- Sorensensistem ™ (60mns)

  • Japanese Cosmolifting - Facial Reflexology with added natural lifting of the Face - Sorensensistem™  (75mins)

  • Foot Reflexology  (60mins)

  • Facial & Foot Reflexology Combo  (75mins)

  • The Metamorphic Technique  (60mins)

  • Deep Tissue/Swedish Massage  (60mins)

Lifestyle support

  • Wellbeing coaching - using different techniques including Yoga & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • REV5 - High Intensity Training www.rev5.co.uk

      [Only one 15 minute session required, once a week – Windsor based]

How it works


The programme has been designed to respond to the specific needs, goals and preferences of each individual. 

Therefore, there is a certain amount of built-in flexibility with regards to treatment combinations. 


You can choose to have just one individual session and pause -or end the programme altogether after the first session.

However, for more profound and longer lasting results, cumulative sessions are essential for restoring and maintaining mind/body wellbeing.

Terms and Conditions


  • Last minute cancellation fees apply.

  • Every programme must be completed within an agreed time limit. Once agreed, there will be no refunds for unused or unattended sessions.

  • Each client will be required to sign a standard disclaimer form after the initial consultation.

  • We work in different venues but it is our experience that most of our clients either prefer receiving treatments /sessions in the comfort of their own home or come to us as we can offer them more flexibility time-wise.

Treatment prices vary between £70 and £225

All treatment durations quoted are standard treatment times but can be extended or combined if the client wishes to commission a more intensive MindBody Balance Programme. 


For instance, the ReflexoReiki can be extended with the Japanese Cosmolifting and/or preceded by a deep tissue massage.