I describe Shermine to my friends as ‘magical’.. Not only is the actual treatment effective but the experience of having the treatment is deeply relaxing and the only time my busy brain really seems to switch off. She has a calmness about her which seems to come through during the treatment - I know she is also a trained Reiki practitioner so perhaps it’s that. I look and feel super rested after a session with her. Last year I upped the regularity of my treatments in preparation for my wedding - a great investment for the big day. I now live in Brighton but come up to London to continue my sessions with Shermine… once you experience her magic you don’t want to give her up! In a world of botox and fillers I am deeply relieved to have found a natural way to minimise the lines. Thank-you Shermine!


My daughter who was 22 had not had her period for almost 8 months and I was getting very worried. We had sought medical advice and nothing seemed to help. So I decided to book her for an RR treatment that a friend had recommended. The day after the session, my daughter, unbelievable…had her period and things have been back to ‘normal’ ever since. We thank you both so much!


The session with Pierre & Shermine was great. I could sense their calming and non-judgemental approach throughout. I felt they both worked with their intuition and as such ‘listened’ to what I truly needed. I could sense this. The treatment worked at a deep level (I could feel it in my body the whole day) and it was extremely restorative.


I forgot to say for the first time in weeks I do not have "tired legs" and you have realigned me... I can’t believe that a combination of face and foot reflexology could bring such relief and result. Thank You!


Before the session my whole body was ready to ‘shut down’ - it is the way my body always reacts when I’m facing a stressful period of time; mostly my digestive system is affected, I get spots on my face and my mood is very low. However, with these sessions none of the symptoms show up. THANK YOU, Shermine!!


Shermine is absolutely lovely and has worked wonders on me. I cannot recommend her highly enough! She came to see me when my daughter was a few weeks old. I was extremely tired and was having difficulties breastfeeding. After my first session with Shermine, I felt like I had slept for 100 years and woken up completely re-calibrated! My milk flow was also much better after that session which really helped my daughter. Each session has given my mind and body an MOT and put me in a much more energised, serene head-space. Shermine's sessions really are amazing!


I have been going to Shermine’s for Japanse Cosmo Lifiting which is based on Facial reflexology for the past two years. I started off with an intensive course of 12 treatments. I loved the benefits of the treatments so much that I decided to go for regular ‘top ups’ twice a month. To say that the experience is a relaxing one is an understatement as one comes out floating on air. My face since then is relaxed, the skin toned and lifted, the expression on my face is open and alive. Shermine has magic hands and a wonderful relaxing personality. A highly recommended experience 


I look forward to these sessions with Shermine with great anticipation. Post session, I always feel wonderful; I feel like my face had a full work out. Amazing to think that I can sleep through such an intensive treatment. The whole face is lifted, the skin is glowing and people notice! Plus I feel so relaxed I need another nap! What else can I say?


My wife insisted I addressed my stress and anxiety levels and though I’m not one to believe in those complementary treatments. I have to say…I Loved it. I have to admit that I now look forward to my weekly sessions with Pierre & Shermine. My wife and kids say I’m calmer and more pleasant at home. :)


Well, I had the most amazing detox treatment ever this afternoon - a lush aromatherapy wrap along with face and feet reflexology and Reiki. All at the same time. Wow. I don't often really drift off in any kind of treatment, but I certainly did then, and now I'm feeling SUPER energized and ready to take on the world!! Thanks Shermine & Pierre for the amazing ReflexoReiki treatment you gave me. 


Pierre and Shermine – founders of ReflexoReiki- what can I say? Your treatment last week has brought about the most wonderful shift for me. Experiencing RR for the first time has made me feel more connected within myself, more grounded and centered, in a place of comfortable balance and wellbeing. Thank you both for your care and kindness. I shall be coming back for more.


Shermine gave my daughter a facial reflexology session following a difficult period of time after a caesarian delivery. I can honestly say that the change was miraculous. I appreciate that everyone's experience is different, but I saw my daughter's grey drained tense face changed into a deeply relaxed glowing face. The baby also benefited from a sudden plentiful supply of breast milk. I cant recommend Shermine highly enough.


For three years I have had migraines related to PMS. I was waiting for my monthly headache, but it never arrived, This is AMAZING, Thank You Shermine.


Dear Shermine, I wanted to say a huge Thank You  to you , for the Facial Reflexology has really helped. Like I said at our appointment I have tried numerous pills as well as acupuncture sport massage and nothing has helped. More than that , nothing had given me a sense of hope that I may fix my headaches.I went to you that morning with a headache ( as per usual) and left with being dramatically reduced, and it remained like that for the rest of the day. This has never happened before. Since the appointment I have not had a major headache which has been wonderful. So Thank You from the bottom of my heart.



Shermine Boustany arrived at my house one morning very early ( 7.30am) on a mission to rid me of a chronic ( stress induced) migraine that had started 24 hours earlier. From the moment she laid her hands on my feet I started to relax and I  could feel her loving and healing energy flowing into me. The migraine started to recede almost instantaneously. I was sold!  Shermine is very warm and caring individual . Her Knowledge of nutrition partnered with her skill at Reflexology Therapies, makes her for a winning combination. She is discreet and professional and I recommend her very highly.



I came to Shermine  with a sore back, and now my spine feels more elongated and relaxed.



I have been feeling a lot better and have stopped having so many stomach pain and spasms.

J.H. (11 year old)

I started my treatment with a stiff left side of the neck and now after my session , it is all gone. I find it amazing.



Reflexology really seems to carry over through the week making me aware of taking care of myself and listening  to what my body is telling me what it needs. Great! 


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